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Gentlemen, you're probably not going to want to hear this, but the second universal trait which women need is romance. Many of today’s liberated women deny the need for such backward and demeaning gestures, but wait a few years and see if that doesn’t cause major conflict in your relationship.

Men know that romance is important, but are usually substandard at delivery. Romance requires effort and a little finesse, there is no way around it. We must remember things like; our six month anniversary, where we first kissed her, Birthdays, valentines, our first date and so on. This is difficult for men, we tend to be more practical and value other experiences. If you want to be successful you will have to think of what she would want you to value.

There are no concise and clear definitions for romance. What qualifies for romance might be leaving love notes where she can find them, or surprising her by washing her car. What may not seem like romance at first glance may be.

Romantic behavior is developed through years of observation. It is one of the most complex of human interactions, and it’s rewards (for both parties) are deeper affection, love, and passion.

Unfortunately romance comes easier to women than men. We may not be aware of their romantic overtures and may dismiss them at times as being a nuisance. Such as when they call us to “check up on us” or they pester us about going out to eat (in a nice place) once in a while. We usually see romance as an inconvenience. Most women would love to be inconvenienced like this.

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