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Christian dating for men.


Christian personals - men's power primer cont.

Whether Christian dating online or off everyone has their own unique shopping list of  preferences that they are looking for in a companion. The criteria are almost boundless. Women may be looking for a rugged man or a man with a good sense of humor or brown hair. Most of these traits are things which we cannot control such as eye color, height etc. You will not be able to appeal to all of the women all of the time, but you can appeal to many of the women much of the time! How is this done?

You probably know someone who was looking for a certain type, but finally settled down with someone who supposedly was not his or her cup of tea in the beginning, right? The fact is that we all make concessions on our shopping lists. Most traits are negotiable, they are secondary, but some traits are not negotiable and are universal among women seeking a mate. These universal qualities are so crucial that they override all other traits on a womanís shopping list. Women do not know what it is intellectually that they need, but they do know intuitively. These universal traits are powerful!

Do you recall the cons who steal womenís hearts? (Like the guy below) They have mastered the art of projecting these universal traits which women need but are not cognizant of.

Christian personals dating.

The con gets through her guard undetected. But you will take her heart in a way in which no criminal may. You will have her heart genuinely for your own. This is the way Christian singles should operate.


If you genuinely project the five universal traits that women need you will likely win their heart. She may not have gotten what she thought she wanted on her shopping list but because you appealed to her deepest needs she will not regret her decision in choosing you instead of the blonde or the body builder.

Do you recall reading the old proverb: A womanís charm is her strength, just as a manís strength is his charm.?

What charms a woman is a man's strength, please take a moment to ponder this truth. This is your first clue to one of the universal traits which a woman intuitively seeks out in a suitor. Convicts project this trait and many women fall for it because unfortunately in todayís culture the bad boy image is perceived to be strength. This is a social fraud which has somehow become a modern "truth" probably because the macho image was promoted very heavily in the past few decades in the media.

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Christian personals service.

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