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Christian personals primer cont.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but the second universal trait which men need is - maternal instinct. Since men were raised by women with this quality, they expect to see it in their mate.

Contrary to Hollywood (Hellyweird) propaganda men do not seek nor even like cruel women. Perhaps there are exceptions, but they are extremely rare. Such as in the case of fetishists and practitioners of S&M.

A man needs to know that his children will be well cared for, that she will not skip feedings or neglect scraped knees. She must focus on the children, protecting their every interest.

This happy couple must have taken the Christian personals services primer. 

Men will take note in conversation and action your feelings and demeanor toward children, animals and himself. They will judge you as a potential mate based on tenderness toward and empathy for the smallest of the world.

Your rating in this crucial department need not be high, but the higher the better. 

Men know that a strong maternal instinct usually translates into a family builder who magically masters birthdays, holidays, photo albums, grooming, shopping, finances, scraped knees, entertainment, and an affectionate home. Whew! Few men are good at the above, but many women are. Most men don’t even pretend to be good at them unless they are cons. 

(If you excel at the Christian personals service primer you could have a sweet mother-in-law such as the one below.)

Christian dating primer for family building.

Watch out for the man who is over enamored with children! It’s only one sign to watch for. There may not be anything wrong with him - then again he could be a pedophile or con artist.

Female con’s follow a similar routine. They will feign great affection for children, but it is just for show. She knows that a man is looking for a strong maternal instinct.

A dark and bizarre mental twist takes place in the mind of a gold digger that is worth taking a close look at. When around children and her victim (a suitor) she will happily tend to runny noses and even dirty diapers with a relative zeal, but inside her skin is crawling. She will begin to resent and eventually hate her suitor for “making “ her go through these most disagreeable motions. She must begin to hate him. She must justify her criminal intentions.

He (her victim)  will eventually be blamed (in her mind) for causing the criminal act which she is about to perpetrate.

This is called projection. Projecting the blame to an innocent party. What can be the purpose of this? It is an evil manifestation of self-love. It is called…here’s that key word again - self-justification.

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