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(Christian personals service primer cont.)

What you are about to learn is astounding. Chinese characters are composed of pictograms which tell stories based on meaning and placement of the individual ideograms. The most ancient characters pre-date the writing of the Bible. We know this from the copper scrolls discovered by archeologists which date back over 3000 years. 

The characters below pre-date the writing of the Bible, yet they tell the story of the Biblical account. Hundreds of their characters yield this phenomenon. We will not be able to go in great detail since this subject would fill many books.We will be staying on topic. 

Let us begin with an example. Adam was the first man created by God. The word for first is illustrated below.

The Eden Project - Christian personals service - Chinese codes.

This character tells the Genesis account of vs.7 Chapter 2. "And God formed the man of the dust of the ground and breathed life into him" The Chinese did not have a Bible around when these ancient characters originated. How did they know? There must have been some record handed down from their ancestors. One more example and we will get on with the topic at hand. 

The character for vast flood is a picture of eight persons and water over the earth. We know that in the Genesis account there were eight persons on board Noah's ark who were united (hands joined) in the mission given them by God. 

Christian personals - Chinese Bible codes.

As was previously stated, there are hundreds of these characters. If you wish further information on the "Chinese Bible codes" please contact us at the webmaster address given below and we will be happy to furnish materials for study. It is time this information become known to the public and not further hidden and ignored by the secular linguistic scholars. You see, this information runs contrary to their sacred theories of linguistic evolution. Now let us get back on topic and examine the Chinese characters more relevant to our study.

"To cont. Christian personals service primer click below."

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