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(Christian personals service primer cont.)

The forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was first coveted in the Biblical account by Eve. Recall that there were two trees specified by God in the Genesis record of the Garden of Eden - the trees of life and knowledge. Note the two trees below, with a woman under them. 

Christian personals service - Chinese Bible codes.

Can you imagine how full of sorrow Adam and Eve must have been after they disobeyed God? The word for sorrow in Chinese is as follows.

Christian personals service - Chinese Bible codes.

I apologize for my very poor Chinese calligraphy. You may be asking what all of this has to do with Christian personals and dating. We must be aware of the deceptions and the deceivers if we are to guard our hearts and break free from the emotional and spiritual chains which now bind us.

Do you recall that Satan was under cover of the tree when he tempted Eve? The word for tempter is a pictogram of a tree, the devil and cover. What tree? An apple tree. 

The Eden Project - Chinese Bible codes.

There are all kinds of goofy hypothesis about the tree not being literal and the fall not really happening in liberal Bible circles. I've heard silly things like the tree being symbolic of sexual sin (to sanitize their strange theory) which is according to one "scholar" the original sin. That's not what God's word says. Don't these scholars read their Bible? Only a  Freudian could construe this very clear account as sexual metaphor. This crazy theory was even preached by a well known pastor with a national audience. He has been greatly deceived. 

Don't fall for their bafflegab. It is meant to cause you to question God's word. Remember Satan did the same thing in Genesis 3:1 .We read where Satan said unto the woman "Yea, hath God said,..." This may be paraphrased as "has God indeed said?' This casts doubt on God's word. 

The self proclaimed Biblical scholars have conspired to cast doubt on the word of God, just as their father did in the garden. Harsh words? There are not words harsh enough to describe their despicable actions. To twist and attack God's word is one of the greatest affronts to God. King David writes  "...and for thy truth for thou hast magnified thy word above thy name." Psalm 138:2 The Lord has placed his word above his name! The so-called scholars are playing with a spiritual atomic bomb! If you think I am harsh on them wait until their judgment comes. God is neither tolerant, nor politically correct. Sodom and Gomorrah is a testament to God's intolerance.

Let us now forge ahead with more material. 

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