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(Christian personals power primer cont.)

Now, if Apple computer were the only company in the modern day tree of knowledge to use satanic symbolism we could possibly just dismiss all of this as some sort of coincidence or funny anomaly. The truth is that most computer companies use satanic symbolism and heavily advertise satanic messages. These are not funny anomalies. The stakes are incredibly high. 

Below is one of Gateway's logos, do you see the three sixes just before the G of Gateway? 

Below are just a few more examples of major companies who use stylized 666's in their logos. What follows are called mobius sixes.

By the way, did you know that Pan is another name of Satan? It's where we derive the words panic and pandemonium According to Milton pandemonium was the palace of Satan. Notice if you will the word demon after pan in the word pan-demon-ium. 

Regrettably we cannot list all of the companies and their logos, perhaps a book should be forthcoming in it's due season. 

Just a few notes of interest before we continue.

The Church of Satan boasts on their website that their pages were all done on a Mackintosh computer. This is an Apple computer. Why are they so proud of the fact that the Apple computer variant was used on their site if the apple has nothing to do with the fall of man? Satanists may be misguided, but they are not stupid.

It is also interesting to note that the number 666 is given in Revelation Chap. 13 vs. 18. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 and 13 is one of Satan's numbers. That's why there are no 13th floors in most hotels. 13 is known as the devil's dozen. You can probably think of more examples yourselves.

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