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(Christian personals service primer cont.)

Another Satanic symbol used by many companies and organizations is seen below.




The above is used by the new age movement. The three phrases beneath the all seeing eye are claims of godhood. They openly claim to be gods. Shirley McClain and many others today chant this mantra that they are gods. Thirty years ago this was considered one of the classic hallmarks of insanity. It was known as the God complex. Today it is considered normal. More on this later. 

How ironic that if you believe in God they label you insane, but if you believe you are  god then you are normal. The original sin in the Genesis account was the desire to be as Gods. 

At this point it is interesting to note that the symbol for modern psychology is the Greek symbol - PSI. 

According to The Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms the PSI symbol stands for "the so called psi-function or ESP (extrasensory perception, that is telepathy, precognition, etc.)" This is just proof of another link between modern psychology and the occult. Back to the main subject.

To claim to be god is the height of blasphemy. This was the sin which got Satan cast down out of heaven. See Isaiah 14:12-16. 

The Triangle used in the all - seeing eye is not just any triangle. This is an equilateral triangle. It will be informative to note that the added measures of the interior angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees. What is so special about the equilateral triangle is that each angle measures 60 degrees. Therefore we have 60 - 60 - 60 angles. Do you see the 666? 

Below is a well known Masonic occult symbol found throughout their literature and in their shrines. Do you see the all-seeing eye above the Masonic Square and Compass?

This symbol is also found on the dollar bill. This may seem old hat for many, but we have found a new, and telling feature. 

By drawing a straight line from letter to letter for the word mason in the Latin words surrounding the all-seeing eye we draw out a pentagram. 

The Italians call this the "mal occhio" This is known as the "evil eye." Please don't think I am calling America evil, I am not. There are forces at work who are communicating with us if we are paying attention. Observe another all-seeing eye being used by our government. This one By DARPA's domestic spying agency. (Their function is to spy on us)

The Eden Project - Christian personals service.

The Latin inscription translates: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. 

Observe also that the spotlight coming from the all-seeing eye is on the north-western hemisphere of the globe. That means North America, or more specifically the United States. 99 % of Americans are unaware of this spy organization, and none of us consented to be spied upon using our own money.

"More as we continue the Christian personals service primer ahead."

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"...the Truth shall make you free." John 8:32