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Christian personals service power primer cont.

The world is being prepared for the way of the Anti-Christ. When will it happen? It's happening now! When will the Anti-Christ appear? We don't know, could be a hundred years yet. The point which is most pressing for us now is to know that we must be vigilant against the ongoing indoctrination. 2Cor.2:11 states "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices"

Another subtle form of indoctrination is taking place and few are aware of it's existence. Below is a familiar hand gesture used by many people today. Less than 1 % of them have a clue as to what it means. It is used at heavy metal concerts, on MTV, by world leaders, by Satanists, and many others. This hand gesture is possibly the most popular gesture since the Sig Heil of Hitler's Germany. 

This gesture is known as the "IL CORNUTI" It means hail Satan. Below is the founder of the Church of Satan - Anton LeVay. Observe his hand gesture. Please note that there are two ways of giving this Satanic salute; one is up high (see Carson Daly above) and the other is in front of the trunk of the body usually in front of the solar plexus. (Shown below)

The Eden Project - Christian personals service.
Anton LeVay Founder of the Church of Satan

DIO album cover (Heavy metal)

There are those who claim that this sign stands for love. In American Sign Language there is a sign for love which is somewhat similar to the IL CORNUTI, in this case the thumb is extended fully outward, and it is used by people unable to speak. Most people are not aware of this sign's meaning so it would be meaningless to use it in public anyways. Do you think the founder of the Satanic Church (above) is giving the I love you sign?

Witness also this Satanic coven giving the hail Satan sign below. 

The Eden Project - Christian personals service.

Below is a painting of Satan's hand, note the gesture.

Christian personals service primer.

To see who else is giving the IL CORNUTI Click below. Ahead in the Christian personals seervice primer we will be learning about the significance of the finger placement.

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