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Christian personals service primer cont.

It will be worth taking another look at Carson Daly giving the hail Satan sign again.

The middle fingers curl and the thumb and the middle finger form a six. The Index and middle fingers form the second six. The pinky and the ring finger form the third six. The hail Satan sign forms 666. This gesture also forms two horns, like the Goat of Mendez in the Satanic pentagram. Now let's take a look at who else is giving the hail Satan sign. 

This from John Lennon on an album cover. He was a rabid anti-Christian. 

Below is a picture of the world's largest rock group. No, the Beatles were not the biggest. 

These men really rocked the world!

 Like most of the concert goers of today I doubt that these two geniuses know what the hand gesture means.

These next people are a little smarter than the two above. Do you suppose they know what they are doing?

George W. Bush  

 Note: This hand gesture may also mean Hook'em horns in Texas.

 George W. Bush

Tom Ridge - Bush's Homeland security Czar.

John Edwards 

William J. Clinton

Prince William U.K. Go Texas Longhorns!

Coincidence? Let's see who else is telling us what's really going on.

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"...the Truth shall make you free." John 8:32