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Love is something so divine, 

Description would make it less;

'Tis what I feel, but can't define

'Tis what I know, but can't express.- Beilby Porteus

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In today’s modern culture with ever shifting values and pervasive political correctness it is becoming more and more difficult to identify “destructive behaviors.” Some things once thought self destructive have now been christened as “normative.” For example: Habitual marijuana use is now considered mainstream by many pundits. Our aim here in the Christian personals service primer is not to preach on exactly what is healthy, normative or destructive, you’ll have to make those calls yourself.

There are many types of destructive behaviors practiced by those around us in all walks of life, professions, and faiths. These behaviors may be anger, adultery, physical addictions, or even gossip. Destructive behaviors are anything which brings harm to yourself or others. You dear reader can no doubt think of many more than mentioned above.

Modern psychology focuses on self destruction but largely neglects another unique form of destruction, that being the mutual destruction of partners, lovers, wives and husbands.


I call this the MAD theory of love. Do you recall the theory of mutual assured destruction from the cold war between the US and the USSR ? Let us apply this to inter-personal relationships for a moment. MAD in this case still stands for mutual assured destruction, but at a much lower level. The major reason for failed marriages today is that they went MAD.

The MAD scenario goes like this: One side becomes belligerent, abusive and or oppressive and begins arming itself while in the aggressive mode. In response the other side begins arming for defense with it’s own punishing retaliatory brand of weapons. The race is now on and escalates until one (usually the aggressor) wins and subdues the other, or the relationship is ended. (usually by the defender) The cold war victory of the US over the USSR is highly abnormal in the historical sense. Aggressors have a high success rate throughout history. Let us now apply this to relationship dynamics.

"Christian personals service primer cont.-click below."

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