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Be a light in the darkness with the Christian singles primer

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Be a light in the darkness with the Christian dating primer.  

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Ever wonder why American men are searching for women from overseas? It’s because most American women lack the five universal traits which men need. These women that they find elsewhere are not wealthy, nor do they have “proper upbringings” in most cases. Men go to great expense to search out and meet these women. Despite their poverty (relatively speaking) they possess something valuable that most well heeled women in the U.S. A. do not have and cannot have. (In their present altered state.)

The women from most foreign nations have not been feminized and are very appealing to American men. Unfortunately many of these foreign women’s motives are self serving. They are looking for a meal ticket or US citizenship and don’t really have love on their agenda. Men beware; you may wind up with a gold digger. Watch out for the signs! (We will discuss these signs later on in the Christian personals primer.)

In our nation – the US, most of our minds (men and women) have been poisoned at the public trough by fanatical feminist propaganda. This propaganda has altered many minds to the contrary of common sense leaving confusion and resentment. Teachings of sameness between the sexes are most confusing and frustrating to the liberal mind who resents the differences, as real as they are. They cannot stand the fact that men and women are not the same. Foreign women are not under this delusion. Most American men are not either, and seek women whose minds have not been altered.

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