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Be a light in the darkness with the Christian personals primer

Christian singles power primer cont.

Be a light in the darkness with the Christian personals primer.  

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Christian personals service primer cont.

Let us take a look at some of the dynamics of altered minds at work.

If you raise a generation (which we have) to believe that there are no moral standards of right or wrong their world view will be formed based upon that premise. Everything that they think and do will be affected by this belief, and everything will be acceptable (tolerated) except morality. Morality is today being scoffed and scorned by the liberal “elite” and their followers.

Those of us who hold to ideals of right, and wrong are now labeled as intolerant bigots. Idealists will become criminals and ideals will become crimes. The public at large will soon tolerate everything except righteousness. This is already happening in Europe and Canada, and we are not far behind.

"With the Christian personals service primer you won't be bamboozled by the mad hatters of political correctness."

For example, in Holland the sexual age of consent is only 12 years-of – age. A child need not inform their parents of their sexual partners and their activities. As you may have guessed Holland is a pedophile's paradise. Parents are forbidden to interfere with their children’s “sexual reproductive rights” while pedophiles openly prey on them. This is another unreported tragedy in the shameful history of liberalism.

Why bring this up? In Holland if you speak against pedophilia you may be arrested and imprisoned for being politically incorrect. You are guilty of interfering with the sacred sexual reproductive rights of the pedophile and their victims (the children). Idealists have become criminals and ideals have become crimes. In Holland their minds have been altered by words-the child’s sexual reproductive rights.

The unthinkable, the most heinous crime known to humanity for thousands of years is now heartily endorsed and protected in Holland, and is spreading like a plague in western Europe.

If trends keep on course we will see the same social mutations here in the US. There is coming a day when people will be shocked and outraged if you dare speak out against “the loving act” of pedophilia.

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"...the Truth shall make you free." John 8:32