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The ACLU takes up more noble causes now and then for show, and the media praises them, but why doesn’t the media report their devilish misdeeds

The ACLU makes the asinine claim that they are defending our freedoms when they defend terrorists and pedophiles. Nonsense! They are empowering the enemies of our nation and children.

Another telling point about the ACLU is that they always wait for the social climate to be right to take on the more “socially progressive” cases. There were plenty of pedophiles being prosecuted fifty years ago, why have they only recently started defending them? The answer is that fifty years ago they would have been run out of the country if they had tried such acts. But, now there are plenty of activist judges sympathetic to their progressive causes. The ACLU and NAMBLA are busy seizing the day.

At this time the ACLU is fighting to lower the legal age of consent to thirteen years of age. See Topeka Capital-Journal September 16, 2003. They are trying to establish precedent for future rulings in their favor. In this case a pedophile is on trial for raping a boy. They defend this criminal by pushing for lower age of consent laws which will retroactively clear their client.

Will America go down the socially dreadful path of Holland? If the ACLU has their way we will. They are transforming the laws and minds of America. Our collective minds are being altered, guard your hearts and your children.

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"...the Truth shall make you free." John 8:32