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  • 5 levels of communication to- deeper relationships.

  •  5 levels of non-verbal. communications- create the desired mood

  • Dynamite personal ad sample.

  • 4 levels of thought.

  • The universal traits women and men need

  • The Chinese Bible codes. Very interesting !
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Christian personals service primer cont.

The five levels of non-verbal communications

The intricacies of non-verbal gestures and communications are incredibly complex in their structure and lexicon. The subjects have been studied by thousands of researchers since history began. Much is known and much is still conjecture. The aim of this Christian personals service primer is to rightly divide the truth from the lie. There are multitudes of wild conjectures out there masquerading as "theories." Hopefully this will help you sort through all of the analytical hype and psycho-bloviating. The following is what is known to be true.

The first level of non-verbal communications:

1. The Encounter - Whatever the location, in the supermarket or workplace we may encounter someone we are attracted to. The initial cursory signs we may read at this point are; 

  • Eye Contact - At longer distances we may see one another doing the "Sweep." This is where a man looks at a perspective mate and sweeps across the room, not usually making eye contact at first. He is testing her willingness to be looked at. She in turn knows that the ball is now in her court and responds with looking back if interested or turning away if she is not. If she is receptive she may catch your gaze for a moment. This gentlemen is your first clue. In closer quarters pupil dilation is another give away that she is interested in you. Ladies this goes for the men as well. This is a reflex and cannot be faked, except for the use of Belladonna. In Europe women used Belladonna (an extract of the nightshade family) to artificially dilate their eyes to appear more seductive to men. Pupil dilation is a blatant come hither sign, but hard to read from more than five feet away. Caution : Some drugs used today (illicit narcotics) have the same effect. Policemen are trained to read pupil dilations and have their work cut out for them trying to determine who is on drugs and who is interested in them. A frustrating job! 

"It is just as important to listen to someone with your eyes as it is with your ears."- Bell Gold  

The eyes clue others about emotions. The fixed stare can signal intensity of fear, romantic interest, or aggression.

Middle ground eye contact signals interest, secure, at ease.

Little eye contact shows shyness, submissive, evasive, arrogance, and or nervousness.       

  • Body Adornment and accessories. 

Sunglasses - May be worn inappropriately. When worn on a date, and the sun is not an issue, this shows lack of communication skills. 

Jewelry - Large amounts of gaudy jewelry show insecurity.

Tattoos and piercings - Earthiness. Some Christians have left over tattoos and piercings from their old life, so take this into consideration.

Nails - Bitten and uneven nails betray extreme (usually hidden) tension. Well manicured and clean nails show harmony and contact with the civilized world. Dirty nails may tell of job or hobbies also. On a date, especially the first date, the nails should be clean.

  • Posture - Good posture conveys strength, confidence, and openness. Poor posture such as stooped shows the opposite of the aforementioned.

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