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Christian personals service primer cont.

Five levels of non-verbal communications cont. (level one)

1. Dominant - Thick soled, wide, heavy boots accent the size of the foot and it's ability to stomp. (Aggression) These boots may be Doc Martens, Combat boots (worn world wide by the military), Jack Boots (worn by enforcement agents), Engineer Boots (worn by bikers) and Cowboy boots. The purpose of these boots is to add stature and steadiness. They are a sign of authority-they say don't mess with me or you'll get stomped. Stomping is a universal sign of aggression. A study done by Eibl-Eibsfeldt 1971:12 showed that even blind and deaf children stomp their feet in defiant anger. And the song "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra echoes this fact where the lyrics state-"one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you." You will probably not be able to see the footwear of someone in a Christian personals ad, but eventually you will see what they wear on a regular basis.

It should come as no surprise that militant groups such as the Skin Heads and Nazis chose to wear boots as a unique sign of power.

2. Neutral - This type of shoe doesn't make any brash statements and is neither masculine nor feminine. Penny loafers, Hush Puppies etc. are made for comfort not stomping and are not suitable for the socially ambitious. 

3. Submissive - Lightweight upper construction with thin sides slight trim and flourishes are the hallmarks of these shoes. Loafers and Beatle boots are a few examples. They downplay the size of the foot and it's bluntness.

Men - Women generally love boots (on a man), but not necessarily the militant styles. Fashion Trainer John Malloy found that women consider men in cowboy boots more attractive than ordinary shoes. 

Women - Your shoes have a whole different story. Cultures around the world recognize the strong connection between all phases of womanhood and the shoe. Some Examples; 

Cinderella Shoes - Speak of the desire most women have for a story book romance with happy ever after endings. For the young lady of marrying age.


The ruby slippers of Wizard of Oz fame are the central object of magical adventures. For the female child.

The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe. For the elderly women.

We have cultural connections with shoes in ceremonies. Shoes are tied to the back of the wedding car, drank from at weddings, and saved from youth.

Women's shoes are designed to accentuate the various parts of the anatomy and make a woman more attractive. This makes women's shoes different than all others. 

All other shoes have a utilitarian purpose, but the women's high heel is pure cultural vanity. Sorry for the lack of PC here, but many women have fallen prey to it's mean designs.

The higher the heel the more cultural vanity yields it's punishment on the victim. While it is stylish and expected it is not absolutely necessary. Don't give her a demerit if she doesn't show up in high heels for your first date.

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Another great Christian personals service, and friends of the Eden Project.