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Christian personals service primer cont. below

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Christian personals service primer cont.

Five levels of non-verbal communications cont. (level one)

  •   Clothing - Obviously when dating people will wear clothes that reflect their identities. Cowboys may wear their boots and hats, businessmen may wear dressy shirts with ties, and blue collar workers may wear flannels and 501's. Much may be learned about someone by the clothes they wear. The clothes may not necessarily make the man, but they do tell of status, attitudes, social affiliations, ethnicity, and gender. When out in public to be seen people wear their clothes like a billboard. This is not to be confused with the casual wear worn for pure comfort what are sometimes referred to as bum around clothes. The following is a list of prominent social categories advertised by clothing. 

Biker                          Gothic                       Gangsta           Cowboy                     Soccer  mom             Blue collar 
Yuppie                       Homeless                   Business
Elitist                          Nerd                          Nascar 

There are many more categories, the point is to be aware of who and what you are dealing with. You may not chose to associate with some of the above groups when dating. When viewing Christian personals service photos look at what they are wearing. The photo and the clothes are an ad in themselves.

  •   Shoes - We have sayings such as when someone is "well heeled" (or affluent) which tell much about a people and their social relationships with shoes. 

"Shoes hold the key to human identity." - Sonja Bata, Founder of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto Canada. 

"Besides, one look at the shoes, he (George Masters, "Stylist to the Stars") said, told him all he needed to know about a woman."

These extreme points of view are not held by all, but they are based on a sound understanding of human nature. Let's begin by examining men's footwear divided up into three main categories. For the three categories go to next page of the Christian personals primer.

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