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  • 5 levels of communication to- deeper relationships.

  •  5 levels of non-verbal. communications- create the desired mood

  • Dynamite personal ad sample.

  • 4 levels of thought.

  • The universal traits women and men need

  • The Chinese Bible codes. Very interesting !
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Christian personals service primer cont.

The second level of non-verbal communications is:

2. The recognition This is the springboard phase. At this point in the encounter we begin (If we are interested) to give them non-verbal signs to communicate our intentions. The signs are; flirtations, smiling, neck dimple, body alignment, self-touching, and clothing adjustment. We will trade gestures to tell each other almost subliminally to come closer until we touch. What are these common springboard gestures? They are;

        Smile- Have you ever noticed that when someone smiles or laughs in a crowd that those around them will usually mirror the same emotion? This phenomenon is called motorized empathy. When someone is happy, sad, or grieved we tend to take these attitudes as well especially if we are close to the person who is happy or sad. This is why it is said that a smile is contagious.

Smiles are especially contagious with those whom we are close to or wish to be close to. If she likes you she will usually laugh when you laugh. She is saying I wish to be a part of you. Of course, motorized empathy works on many different levels other than explained above. We may yawn when others do, or mirror facial expressions. We especially do this with children. Why? Because we understand that their knowledge of human behavior is not yet formed, and we are teaching them to be empathetic.

If he smiles with you it is a good bet that he is interested or at least not repulsed by you.

        Body alignment If their body is squared to yours then of course they are giving due attention to you. But if they begin to mirror your posture and stance then it should be understood that they feel at ease and friendly toward you. Just another way of communicating our desire to proceed to deeper relations. Just ahead in the Christian personals primer we will be discussing the neck dimple, don't miss it!

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