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Christian personals service power primer cont.

The key to successful Christian dating.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen    YOUR WISH IS YOUR COMMAND!

The key to successful Christian dating.

Dear reader, let me begin by asking you one of the most important questions which may be asked in life. What is your wish? Or perhaps the more proper question would be what are your wishes. This will prove to be an object of the greatest interest and import.

To some this may appear at first to be a bit old hat, but let’s see if we can pull out a few lively rabbits anyway.

Since you have come this far I shall assume that one of your wishes with a  Christian personals dating service is to find and build a robust romance with the person of your dreams. We all have a “subordinate” wish list of what characteristics, qualities, and appearances our new mate should possess. You may not have thought of your desire for a mate as a wish, but it surely is, and you may not have considered the list of traits which you are seeking a wish list, but it is.

“If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”-South Pacific

Christian personals service.

I am a Christian
between the ages of and
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Typically as we get older life and it’s many demands tend to beat us down and steal our dreams. One by one they fade and die as the years pass. As a result we begin to lose heart and the hope which those bright anticipations of yesteryear gave. Are you one who has had dreams burst as though you were trying to tattoo soap bubbles? Have you lost heart? Most of us have to one degree or another.

“Faint heart never won fair lady” - Shakespeare

The point of the above (in the broad sense) is that faint heart never realized it’s dreams. Whether you are a man or a woman your fair lady (dreams) may only be attained by the strength and vitality of your dreams. The seat of our dreams is within the heart. If your heart is not in it then your dreams will probably never be realized.

Have you given up on your dreams? Is your heart in it, or have you been listening to the world and it’s nay sayers which seem to drone on that you cannot have your dreams. Have you lost hope and now feel the private distress which every man feels? Let’s apply some CPR stat!


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