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Christian personals service power primer cont

First let us prep. Allow me to shift gears. I would like to address a topic which deserves careful notice. The genuine wishes of the heart should not be confused with the fantasies of the flesh. The first will lead to happiness and fulfillment and the last to destruction and emptiness as we shall see ahead.

(Christian personals service primer cont. below.)

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We all, men and women share the same basic “virtuous” desires. Men and women may differ slightly on some points, but they are all universal. They are; Love, family, wealth, knowledge, happiness, satisfaction, security, friendship, popularity, health, long life, relief, and comfort. The above are the more noble and spiritual desires of the heart.

Advertisers have long recognized these desires and for the most part targeted their ads at appealing to the more noble aspects of the human heart. Unfortunately advertisers have increasingly shifted the aim of their ads at appealing to the baser desires such as; lust, greed, power, vanity, and pride. All of the aforementioned being selfishly based. As the self theme becomes more and more pervasive in our culture the ads will increasingly target the baser desires. They are of the highest impulse for consumers.

Modern advertisers and sellers make trillions in sales every year globally. The psychology of sales is not murky or without fantastic success unlike it’s cousin behavioral psychology. In the field of sales, psychology is an overachiever. Let’s take a look at some of the highly instructive buyer-seller dynamics known to but only a few.

The high impulse base desires which advertisers exploit are all compulsive and addictive in their very nature. Sellers are aware that if they can get you on their perverted treadmill (Kinda like the guy below) there is a very good chance that they can keep you there. Once the compulsion begins it is very difficult to stop. Here is the first bit of psychology which the peddlers do not want you to know.

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