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(Christian personals service primer cont.)

The two major factors which have contributed to the loneliness of the modern “socialite” are;

Transitive population- Two hundred years ago 80% of people died within 30 miles of where they were born. As they grew up and raised a family they got to know everyone around fairly intimately. One popular activity was to visit. Families would come over for dinner. They would sit afterwards on the porch (weather permitting) or in the living room of the home and tell stories, riddles, and jokes. They played music, games, and shared personal knowledge on important matters of the day such as how to stain leather, or shoe your own horse. They bonded. I don’t mean like in today’s superficial sense. They really forged close and meaningful relationships. They depended upon one another for survival.

I recall when I was in the Army an old First Sergeant told me “You will never know other men like you do now.” He went on to explain that most of a man’s life is spent with his wife, children, family, and job. Outside of the Army you don’t really get to know other men. Here you depend upon each other for survival, and you spend long hours working together to accomplish difficult tasks which are rarely paralleled on the outside. I was in the 82nd Airborne Division, and we spent about eight months of the year gone in the field, to all parts of the world. Being in the infantry we worked together in very close conditions, in fox holes, and crammed together like sardines in aircraft headed to our next mission.

On missions we depended upon the guy behind us to check our gear pre-jump, one small mistake, such as a misrouted static line around your equipment and you could crash and burn. We spent many hours planning and preparing missions and equipment together not to mention executing the missions.

With all of this interaction I never felt lonely. There were times I was exhausted, bored, nervous, or even homesick, but never lonely.

I can still remember the men I served with twenty years ago very clearly. My memory of people I’ve worked with in the past five years is not nearly as strong. The old First Sergeant was right. Now I spend little time (comparatively) with other men.

Maybe I should have gone on to be one of the "Flying Elvii." I don't look much like Elvis, but that probably would have been  ok. Did you ever notice that none of them really look like Elvis, but they all look like each other? These impersonator's livings depend on the fact that Elvis is gone. What if Elvis showed up at a supermarket? Thousands of Elvii would be thrown out of work.

With all of the Elvis sightings I figured there wasn't much job security anyway.

With the Christian dating services primer you won't crash & burn.

Now getting back to business. The point of my personal story above is that spending time with and depending upon others in any community brings a certain “Esprit De Corps” or strong sense of belonging and responsibility to a group much bigger than yourself. I know, boring right? Wrong! The people of 200 years ago had relationships at their best. They forged deep lifelong and loyal friendships.

They communicated on a different level than we are used to today. As their friendship evolved so did their communication levels, or should I say as their communication levels evolved so did their relationships. Don’t miss this next critically important point.

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