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(Christian personals service primer cont. below)

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Friendship (meaningful) is earned and is not superficial or disposable like everything else in our culture today. You have surely seen the typical spoiled young blonde with fake everything announcing to her fake friends that the girl who just walked up is her new best girlfriend. What a terrible life. No wonder she is lonely. She doesnít even know what a friend is. The problem is that she has been afforded luxuries that will cloak her ignorance and loneliness for some time to come. Such is not the case with most of us poor working slobs. We need real friends and lovers.

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2. Changing morals- Todayís selfish culture fosters and breeds many scoundrels who are crass, untrustworthy, and covetous.

It is difficult to remain friends with someone who trespasses a trust one way or another when he comes to visit. Maybe he flirts with your girl or speaks rudely in front of your wife and children. Maybe it is you who are not a good friend because you donít tell him how obnoxious and boorish he really is.

I know, it is not politically correct, and it is very difficult to insist on decency these days. I have lost a few friends because I was not politically correct, you may have too. I was the bad guy for insisting on decency in my own home. What an upside down world. Ahead are a few more examples of how upside down the world has become in just one generation.

You would expect me to begin with fanciful storybook words such as long, long ago and far away, but it was not long ago, nor far away. Here in the USA in the past generation we have changed our morals drastically. Let me prove my point.

Fifty years ago most people in this country didnít lock their doors at night, in fact many people didnít even have locks on their doors. They didnít see a need. Ask an older person who was around in the 40ís or 50ís they will confirm what I am telling you, they are our living recorders, and should be our living cultural conscience. They should have corrected us when we strayed, but they have likewise fallen prey to the culture of self and the Pleasure Principle.

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