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Christian personals service primer cont.

There was a time (not long ago) when cursing around a lady or children was not tolerated, now the women (not ladies) and children curse just as bad as the men.

If you doubt the dramatic cultural change take a look at the cultural indicators used by historians to discern the health of any society. These indicators are movies, music, art, and literature. The immorality content of today’s movies, music, art and literature stands in stark contrast to that of 50 years ago. One can not even argue the point, it is self-evident.

I did however come across one liberal who defended the changes with “Yeah, but there was so much violence in the movies back then, I would rather have my children see nudity than violence.” I could tell she had been college educated, and I had met my match. She must have gone to college a long time to get that dumb. I just asked if she had seen the violence in the movies today. The violence of today is far, far more graphic and gratuitous than even the most gruesome war movie of 50 years ago. Evidently they don’t teach much in school these days.

As morals continue to decay, friendships will do likewise. The people 200 years ago had a very good system. If you got out of line morally, you were disgraced. Honor (which only comes from virtue) meant a great deal. People made deals on a hand shake. They were honorable, you could trust your neighbor to hold up their end of the bargain. Today’s vast multitude of lawyers stands as testimony to our moral dishonor.

Immorality which is pooh-poohed by the academic elite has cost us friends, family, and honor, the only things in this world of true value.

“You’ve come a long way baby” as the woman’s cigarette ad used to claim. Times and morals have changed, but some things fortunately will never change, people need friendship and intimacy.

If you are ready to “get real” as the saying goes, and have those deep relationships which you desire and need then the information ahead will get you there. It is a topic which we all love-communications, or more specifically the secret art of communications outlined ahead. It is a fascinating study and should excite your profoundest interest!

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