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Christian personals service primer cont.

3. Opinion- This is the doorway to controversy and higher levels of communications. This level includes judgments, concerns, dreams, desires, and expectations. At this point much more thought and emotional energy are required.

Susan: Your brother is such an idiot for marrying that gold digger! Anybody can see she doesnít really love him.

John: I know Jane is a gold digger, but he doesnít. What do you expect me to do, if I tell him that he will turn against me.

Other examples; Iíve always wanted a girl like you, youíre so witty and wonderful. My English teacher is boring.

Here is the door to the heart and mind of others. Whether they let you past the threshold depends upon your diplomacy, judiciousness, and compassion. Of course people will weigh other factors about you as well, but level three is a must if ever you are to pass through the doorway.

The Christian personals services primer is for everyone. This poor soul needs to get out and learn better communications skills.

Christian singles dating primer-you're not alone.

People may like your clothes, smile, body language, or money, but if you do not open this door you will never be allowed in. There are no shortcuts, nor should there be, for this is the proving ground for intimacy.

In the dialogue example above Susan is judgmental of Johnís brother and not very diplomatic, but John figures she just gets emotional because she cares. She lost points in the diplomacy department, but gained in the caring department.

As we shall see ahead this small conflict which has arisen may be used as an opportunity to reach deeper levels of communication, understanding, and intimacy.

Note; Levels two and three are the gossip levels.

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