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Christian personals service primer cont.

4. Feelings- This is the bonding or breaking level for most relationships. Your deepest emotions are expressed at this level. Once comfortable with each other and youíve both passed through the door of the third level deeper relations ensue. Here a high level of trust is needed. This is where the really big conflicts are generated.

Trust is accrued over time, built upon confidence and based upon the otherís perceived commitment. The longer the relationship the more confidence, trust, and commitment ties the hearts together.

Continuing with our dailoge:

Susan: Iím sorry I didnít mean to hurt youíre feelings John. Youíre brother is not an idiot, itís just that I care very deeply about you and your family, and Iíd hate to see any of you get hurt.

John: Thank you Susan, Iím glad you care so much. I know you didnít mean anything bad. I love you.

Susan: I love you too John, very much.

Note that through the conflict they reaffirmed their bond of love. Situations like this will tell others how much we care and thus deepen our commitment, trust, and understanding towards each other.

The fourth level enables a select few to know your heart. This comes with time, and social etiquette demands it, as well as the heart. We as a society donít hold high regard for those who ďwear their hearts on their sleeves.Ē It is quite uncomfortable to be around someone like that. Unless youíre both drunk at a bar and the alcohol has temporarily removed those inhibitions.

One last note on level four. This is where you will really shine because you will be required to exercise difficult mental and emotional tasks simultaneously. You will be judged on flexibility, diplomacy, self-control, empathy, and understanding.

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