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Christian personals service primer cont.


5. Needs- This is the promise level, since it is here we have arrived at the place where the relationship is solidified and promises great hope and rewards for the future. These needs are your own individual requirements. This the most extraordinary level any two people can share.

In our continued example dialoge;

John: Now that my brother is married, I’m reminded that something is missing between you and me. Susan, Will you marry me?

Susan: Oh John, yes!

Other examples of level five; I want to have children.

Let’s review the five levels of communication one more time.

Cliché-The icebreaker.

Facts-The springboard.

Opinions-The doorway.

Feelings- The bond maker.

Needs- The promise.

When you get past the third level the risks are great, but not so great as the rewards. Depending upon your personality type you may climb the ladder of the five levels to suit yourself. This climb automatically achieves greater intimacy, but remember not to threaten the other person’s “emotional bubble.” You may experiment, however there seems to be a speed limit and you’ll know if you exceed that limit.

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