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For your protection; Con’s are usually in a hurry to establish a deep bonding so they can take what they are after, so be alert for anyone in a hurry. Be especially wary of anyone who gets upset or sulks when you try to slow them down. Make them pay their dues! A con artist will rarely stick around to pay their dues. They usually come in the form of whirl wind romances. Gold diggers ( another type of con artist) will pay their dues on the front side, but not the back. After the honeymoon is over the passion begins to fade and die turning into a “working relationship” mostly for show. Sometimes they will even have children if their public image demands it.

Cons of all types possess an evil genius quit alien to those of us who do not scheme against others. They are fully aware of social conventions and protocols. They will (if you are their target) match your level of communication in terms of passion. Tenor, volume and clean or dirty language. This is also the secret of the drama queen whom we will discuss at the end of this Christian personals service primer.

Con artists also know that at the deeper levels people begin to “click.” Ordinary people who have known each other intimately for some time may have the same thought at the same time as the other or know what the other is thinking. A con will try to cash in on this at some point and say “you know that’s funny, I was just thinking the the same thing”

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