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I am a Christian
between the ages of and
for a

These peddlers of perversion are using the Pleasure Principle, a powerful and destructive principle virtually unknown in full by the layman. To most of the uninformed it sounds avant garde, and even chic. It is anything but avant garde or chic, it is fiendish and extremely manipulative. The Christian personals service primer aims to diminish it's adverse effect as most Americans have been seduced by itís powerful allure without any general awareness. Surely you have noticed the glorification of casual sex, materialism, violence, alcohol, drugs, and ignorance in movies, on television, in today's ďmusicĒ and advertisements. These are the signs of the Pleasure Principle at work in a self centered culture.

Another sign of a self serving culture is hedonistic slogans. Have we not become a sloganeering society? Do the following examples sound familiar?

 Show me the money           Sex, drugs, and rock and roll                If it feels good do it

Party on dude!                   Go for the gusto                                  Supersize me

Of course there are many more, you could probably come up with a few of your own without giving it much thought.

The dangerous invasions of hedonism in popular culture have taken a heavy toll. Never in history has drug abuse, violence, unmarried pregnancies obesity and personal debt (due to materialism) been so high.

The Pleasure Principle in short goes like this: Give the first dose of pleasure, get them hooked, after the fix has worn off there will be a vacuum and thus a demand for more. But, the flesh is not content for long at this dosage and will eventually require more as the addiction to pleasure progresses. Before long you have junkies seeking higher highs chasing that initial rush which will never be filled. The pleasure fades and desire increases. The addiction becomes ever more ravenous and more extreme measures are taken to achieve fulfillment.

Those on the treadmill of the Pleasure Principle demand change from their leaders, the old ways are despised because they threaten the pleasure fix which a large portion of the public demands. They demand their pornography, materialism, drugs, unmarried sex, and government safety net.

Have you ever noticed that the slogans for democratic politicians almost always promise change? Bill Clinton used change in his election bid as did John Kerry. Another code word for change used today is progressive. The progressives offer a promise that change is on the way. What they really mean is that they will fight for your right to party. Tragically for many the Pleasure Principle will ultimately end in emptiness and destruction.

It is very much like the method used by the Eskimos to kill a wolf. The Eskimoís take a very sharp knife and dip it into a bucket of blood. They take it out and allow it to freeze to the blade. This process is repeated numerous times until the blade is surrounded by a block of frozen blood. Then, they bury the knife in the snow with the blade up and the block of blood exposed to tempt the wolf. Upon catching the scent of the blood the wolf quickly makes his way over and begins licking the block. The more the wolf licks the bloody block the more blood is yielded and eventually the wolf becomes so ravenous in his blood lust that it doesnít realize that itís own tongue has been slashed off and it is gorging on itís own blood. Soon the wolf dies of shock and blood loss gorged mostly on itís own blood.

Like the wolf in the story above many of us have become ravenous in our hedonistic extravagances and have had to declare bankruptcy, check into some abuse program, or even worse committed suicide. This all due to the fiendish exploiters behind the Pleasure Principle.

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