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"Therefore shall a man leave his    father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall
be one flesh." Genesis 2:24

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Unfortunately modern psychology has done too little too late to counter the devastating effects of the Pleasure Principle. Sure, they have clinics for those of us who fall prey, but this is like putting an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff. If they really wanted to “help” us wouldn’t they put a fence at the top of the cliff instead of an ambulance below? In many cases the ambulance below is of no use, the patient is DOA. The "Christian personals service primer" seeks to put up a fence before we reach the edge of the Pleasure Principle cliff.

The very rich like the “Material Girl” Madonna were given a very large block off of which to lick, and their demise will come later than sooner. There is therefore this illusion to the rest of us in the pack that it is ok to lick the block set out by the ad-man. The problem is that Madonna’s block is so thick it may last her nearly a lifetime, our blocks will not be so thick, we will reach the blade sooner than later. Don’t be deceived, the Pleasure Principle will destroy everyone eventually.

Through the media’s indoctrination in the Pleasure Principle we have learned to substitute love for lust, prosperity for greed, and happiness for temporary ravenous fixes. It is time to get off the pop culture peddler’s treadmill and replace the baser motives and desires with the more noble dreams of the heart which do bring satisfaction. And, in so doing restore the lost heart and win fair lady. 

Below are three poster-boys of the pleasure principle. Lookin' for love in old disco's. Looks like they could use a Christian personals service primer! 

Look for love in the right Christian personals service places.

Let’s get back to wishes. You probably know the words from the old Disney song that goes:” A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Did you notice that the words say that the heart is the wish maker? I know, some of you are probably saying to yourselves that this is silly the heart cannot think, not literally. Well, maybe you are right the heart does not think in the same fashion as the brain, but it does feel. Did you know that the heart is tied to the mind? Yes, there is a parasympathetic nervous response system which is responsible for causing those heart felt feelings that we all experience throughout life.

Do you recall ever having a crush on someone in school? I did. In sixth grade I had a crush on a very cute young gal named Desiree. It seemed that she was the reason I went to school that year.

 Every morning I would rush to class to get there early and be seated just so I could see her walk in and hoped that she would sit close to me. In anticipation of seeing her my heart beat crazy I wanted to see her so badly. Then when she finally arrived, upon seeing her I felt this strange warmth, and exhilaration mixed with relief knowing that she had made it to class and I would not be alone that day. I was always one of the last to leave class because I wanted to watch her leave. It would probably be the last time I would see her during the day as we shared no more classes together. During class I soaked it all up and stole glances when she wasn’t looking. I studied her as though she was a beautiful creature from another world not mine. Girls were a mystery to me and I could not understand the profound effect she had upon me, but "The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.”-Jacques Bossuel

On the occasional day that she did not make it to school my heart just fell to the floor and my whole day was ruined, but I still had tomorrow to look forward to. My heart seemed to be ruled by this stranger who barely knew my name. I was too young to know what to do with my feelings for her. At night lying awake in bed my thoughts centered around her, my untrained heart fixated upon it’s fancy. My brain did not know enough about girls yet to have an opinion, much less a deep yearning, but somehow my heart did.

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