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Christian personals power primer cont. 

For thousands of years philosophers and poets have agreed that the center of the soul is the heart. We have sayings which reflect this belief like: “____ is at the heart of the matter” or "heart and soul." Mysteriously the heart takes us on journeys which never entered our minds, as in the example of my childhood crush before. Every culture in the world has identified the heart as being the engine of emotion and feeling. So the question is this, is the heart just an organ to pump blood?

When we are depressed our hearts weaken, at a rock concert our hearts speed up, and love actually strengthens the heart. The heart reacts to different environments and circumstances in very complex ways not completely understood. The heart resonates with the world around us and within us.

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The sentience of the heart is attested to everyday. In our language we have sayings like; “He’s heartless, it was a heart felt farewell, the hardness of her heart, lighthearted, downhearted, or heart of stone, and lastly... I was greatly heartened by the Christian dating primer.” to give but a few examples. I cannot prove that the heart has any capacity for thought in the scientifically measurable sense, but I believe that it does, it is only a gut feeling though. To the skeptic I only ask that you indulge me long enough to make my point, and to the rest I assert a known truth.

What does your heart tell you? Are you successful in achieving your dreams?

There are no magic potions or formulas to becoming what you desire. You must - Esto qou audes - Be what you dare.

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