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Have you ever read the biography of or seen an interview of a successful person? Have you noticed that many of them describe their success as a dream come true? They may not know the secret to success for others but they just told you in an off handed way what their secret was-they listened to their hearts and followed their dreams. This Christian personals service primer will assist you in listening to your heart. When we think of the driven people who have achieved their dreams, most followed the dreams which they deeply yearned for in their hearts. Success did not come overnight, and may have been a struggle but,  the road to success was enjoyable.

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Think of your favorite athlete, surely success didnít just fall into their lap. They had a dream and worked with singleness of mind probably for years without giving up. Could they have made it without the dream? Probably not. Dreams are the engines of success.

When ordinary people have a powerful dream and their heart is in it, here is the formula for success. Do you suppose Donald Trump would have been so successful if his heart wasnít into sales? Or, how about Shaquille OíNeil? What if his heart hadnít been set on basketball? He may have gotten good under his own power, but not great. Another way of looking at this is that they answered their calling. What is your calling?

Do you shut out your hearts desires? Have you fooled yourself into thinking that you will be just as happy or satisfied doing something other than your hearts calling? If you answered yes then you are in the majority. The Christian dating service primer is not meant as a mentor guide to successful living, but I was compelled to speak to this matter since there are many forms of success. Love is one of the weightier issues of life in which most of us long for success. We may also be successful at love and relationships as they function under the same dynamics as personal success. Could you be the Donald Trump of love? Yes, but only if your heart is in it. If your heart is not in it then you will most likely fail and be miserable. Happiness, love, and success will come when you answer the hearts calling and begin the important journey which you were meant for.

Fortunately many of us have multiple callings which the heart may embrace for action. Sometimes your dream may not be practical or doable for limitations of age, eyesight, or other handy cap. I wanted very badly to be a fighter pilot while growing up. I dreamt of the day when I would be flying. We lived near Nellis Air Force Base and I would go watch the planes take off and land. I studied hard in school and joined the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps while in high school. I had done all of the preparing I could and was ready to have a dream come true. But, then in my senior year I learned that my eyesight was not good enough to be a pilot. I lost heart for many years, but fortunately I had another calling which I finally answered after years of self pity and quenching my dreams.

Dear reader, please take a moment to consider your wishes for love, romance, parenthood, and relationships. Donít be alarmed if you havenít a dream for all of the above, for everything there is a time and a season. Perhaps you are at the beginning of the list with dreams as yet unfulfilled. The dreams of love and romance are universal to all healthy people of any age group. Our hearts desire romance in spite of age. We love to be wooed.

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