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If we could ask the Donald or Shaq what they would rather be doing they would reply (if they opened up their hearts) that there is nothing else that they would rather do in life. They have the personal satisfaction which only comes with answering their calling. If you are not sure what your calling is whether it is in the realm of the professional or romance let us discover what your calling might be.

When you lie down to rest after the day’s toils, demands, and cares does your heart tend to take off on flights of fancy? Do you dream? For most of us the heart usually chooses this time to assert it’s supremacy over the will which silences it during the daylight hours. It is at this time when it is quiet that the heart usually takes chase after it’s deepest and fondest desires. Perhaps your heart pines for unconstrained romantic elation, but your will dismisses such notions as unrealistic or unattainable for some reason. Try as you might to suppress this pining heart it returns night after night in those still moments to take you on it’s forbidden adventure. As the years pass and the will keeps putting down the hearts desires the heart yields and the dreams become more mediocre and will eventually die. Why do we silence the starving heart within us?

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Youthful dreams are usually bolder in nature because we have not silenced them and resisted them, everything is still possible to our youthful minds. Time seems to be on our side, and things tend to go our way, but as we get older “reality checks” begin to shape us and our dreams. We (most of us) begin to settle and sacrifice our dreams for far less than we imagined in our youth.

In dreams he often comes to me,

The lad I used to be,

I wonder if he hopes to see,

The man he might have been?

Consider for a moment, if you as a child of seven or eight could travel through time, and see yourself as you are today would you find yourself a disappointment? A failure? Sadly, most of us would have to answer yes. What happened to us along the way? The answer is that we gave up on our more noble dreams and let ourselves down, and settled to be less than we were meant to be.

As we have just discussed the intensity and passions of our dreams diminish with each and every passing day that we feel and do not act. The time to act is now! The longer we procrastinate the less likely we will be to act upon our dreams. To quote Screwtape:

”The more often one feels without acting, the less likely he will be ever to act, and in the long run, the less he will be able to feel.”

Dear reader, if it is noble, if it is your calling and your hearts desire, whether it is for romance or personal success answer your heart before the dreams fade away, weakening with every passing moment.

Yes there will be challenges and struggles. A relevant Spanish maxim which goes like this “No hay peor lucha que la que no se hace!” which in English loosely translated means-the greatest struggle is that which is never undertaken! Will you regret what might have been all of your life? Most people at the end of their lives have regrets, they do not typically say “I wish that I had worked more overtime” or “I wish that I had kept up on football more” Usually they regret the lack of close and lasting relationships with friends and family. The second most common regret is choice of profession. Now is the time to act and turn those dreams into reality instead of missed opportunities. I say it again, the time to act is now, for when will you be stronger?

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