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Christian personals primer cont.

Since we humans are unquestionably the most social and culturally complex species on the planet we generally love all things social ie; politics, religion, romance, family, television, radio, shopping, holidays, plays, dancing, concerts, games, and last, but certainly not least, one on one communications.

Our love for communications is evident everywhere we look. We use magazines, papers, TV, radio, computers, satellites, textbooks,  billboards and even smoke signals. (Demonstrated below by a friend of Christian personals primer.) Trillions of dollars are spent on communications every year around the world. In fact communications (all forms) comprise the single largest industry on the planet.

You won't get your signals crossed with the Christian singles service primer.

Communication is the exchange of information. The new trend in the past fifteen years or so is developing the information superhighway infrastructure so that we may communicate even more! Much more. The paradox here is that with instant global communications we are literally able to “reach out and touch someone” instantly, yet we are more lonely than ever. Where is the wisdom we have lost in so much knowledge?

While gaining the ability to communicate quantitatively we have lost the ability to communicate qualitatively. We have become mass consumers of communications and many have lost the ability and or desire to verbalize their deeper feelings and desires to the ones who matter the most. Hence the advent of the Christian personals primer.

Two hundred years ago communication was very limited. The average American was not characterized as lonely in literature or medicine until about 20 years ago, about the time of the explosion in communications and information technology.

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