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Why is it that after tens of thousands of self help books, tapes, CDís, lectures, courses, and seminars have tried to solve our problems the problems just keep getting worse? They have not delivered, but, then why should the social gurus want to solve any problems? It would be counterproductive for them to put an end to peopleĎs problems, they would lose all of the power and control they have diligently worked for. Some of us have successfully overcome our problems in life, but it is largely in spite of the ďmastersĒ not because of them.

There are many more profound social paradoxes which have cropped up in our generation which we will discuss later. For now I would like you, the thoughtful reader to ponder these ironies as we progress through the thesis of this primer for Christian singles and put the pieces of the puzzle together. As we discover the answers the principles will become obvious, and take shape in your mind. You will outwardly express them  effortlessly.

These germane points above are all interrelated and will prove highly instructive for those of us who wish to achieve our goals in finding deep, lasting, and loving relationships with not just a spouse, but with all of those around us.

 Dear reader, when you go to bed at night in the still moments before sleep does your heart tend to take off on flights of fancy? This is your heart chasing itís neglected desires. We are all guilty of suppressing that starving heart within. The day brings responsibilities, burdens, and disappointments which conspire to quench the hearts flame. We tend to lose heart and abandon our dreams. Is this you dear reader? What dreams have you abandoned? Does your heart still cry out at the end of the day to be heard?

Dreams are the engines of success in any endeavor whether it be romance, business, or happiness. Our aim ahead will be to restore your dream engine to itís original condition and get you motivated and excited again. Life does not have to be dull, indeed it should not be dull. Let yourself live the heartís adventure youíve been aching for all your life

.Since you are still reading this, I will assume that you are interested in freeing yourself to love and dream as you were designed to.

Through the gathering chaos this single story of truth is striving to be told to an audience such as you, the Christian single. This is your key to the happiness which God has purposed for your life!

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