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"Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend" Proverbs 27:17

Sharpen yourselves - Christian dating primer.

Modern psychology denies the ever obvious existence of evil. They have stood logic upon it’s head and created a moral vacuum. It follows by the rules of logic that if there is no evil then there conditionally must be no good. This is just one more example of the asinine thought processes which spew forth from the academic pretenders. This creates a moral vacuum. As Spinoza wrote ”Nature abhors a vacuum”

Now that this vacuum exists it is easily filled with another explanation for evil behavior. What’s the filler? Mental disorders galore.

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Perhaps the most damaging aspect of this asinine claim that there is no evil, is that there is no good or bad. No right or wrong, everything is relative to the individual. You are now free to live by your own code. This is termed “Values Clarification” You make the rules, not society, or parents, and certainly not God. Obviously this is very high minded stuff for an immature mind to handle properly, and again we find ourselves in a ditch.

Now as a result of the denial of right and wrong, they are boldly claiming that “There are no absolutes.” Little do they realize that they have made a very serious error in logic. The claim that there are no absolutes is in itself an absolute claim and contradicts itself therefore the statement cannot possibly be true. This is intellectual hypocrisy. They are either ignorant or are willfully lying to the students. In either case they should not be in positions of authority.

Note: The second rule of logic states “The truth cannot contradict itself”

Our aim here in the Christian personals service primer is not to debate the rules of logic with these self professed intellectuals. But our ultimate goal is to expose these pretenders and silence them, and their oversubscribed notions which are destroying us on so many fronts.

Furthermore, it is sad that we should have to defend the obvious from assault by people who are supposedly educated. They are the self proclaimed “experts.” What is an expert?

“An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less” - N. Butler

Modern psychology has been a major contributor to the moral decline of America and it’s founders were deeply involved in the occult. Hence the “discipline” of parapsychology.

One of the Founders- Carl Gustav Jung admitted “far from being the science he had represented them to be (’all my works, all my creative activity’) derived from horrendous experiences with haunting spirit entities that nearly drove him insane. It was during this time when ’Philemon’ became his ’spirit guide.’ Jung was heavily into the magical arts. From Hunt & McMahon; America: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice; P 11

Jung’s co-founder of “modern psychology” Freud was also deeply involved in the occult. He had experiences with clairaudience, (to hear outside the range of human perception) telepathy, premonitions, and hearing voices. From Harpers’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experiences. By Rosemary Guiley.

Both the Freudian and Jungian theories of psychoanalysis hatched over 200 different schools of thought in psychotherapy. Their powerful legacy lives on even though many will protest that Freudian psychology is not used today. Not True!

The father of the more recent and dominant branch of Transpersonal Psychology was Abraham Maslow. He was responsible for the synthesis of  Humanism with the occult. His main tenets were; Self-love, moral relativism, and no absolutes.

Dr. Maslow also was very much into the occult. He was a spiritist who regularly attended séances and consulted the Ouija board for answers to questions.

American Health magazine summed up his views like this “There’s a new breed of shrinks in the land. But instead of couches and Rorschach tests, their accouterments are Tarot cards and astrological charts…(these are) the shrinks of the yuppie generation… belief in the occult is stronger than ever.” Now recall that Maslow was the founder of transpersonal psychology. Here is their logo shown just below.

Note the Mobius 6 in the center of the design. This is formed of three 6’s overlapping one another. This is one of the most sacred of all occult logos.

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