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Be a light in the darkness with the Christian singles primer

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Be a light in the darkness with the Christian dating primer.  

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It has been obvious for some time that these sowers of self are themselves reaping the fruit of corruption. Their fruit is so corrupt one would think them discredited a generation ago. But like bureaucrats they have deeply entrenched and imposed themselves into society as our new saviors. They will continue the lie that only they have the answers while Rome burns to the ground and the party comes to grief, while they play on. The self love which they promote leads to pride (remember the high school students?) Proverbs 16:18 states;” Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Dear reader, perhaps you are rightly asking yourself this question. Is it possible that there is another valid hypothesis behind the malignancy of modern psychology? Or you may be asking- maybe they aren’t deliberately trying to control and deceive. Most of the underlings don’t have anything to do with the overall agenda except to be the worker bees toeing the party line in the schools and clinics.

Let’s take a closer look at the main points of the controlled agenda as this will arm you against its powerful influence.

1. They have traveled against the cultural flow and indoctrinated us with their campaign of political correctness. It is now politically incorrect to believe in; God, absolute truth, hell, evil, right to life, spanking your child, and abstinence for your teen. These are just a few examples. Did you notice something very important here? They are all anti-Biblical. They are not anti anything else. What are the chances that every PC point is solely anti-Biblical? Could it just be coincidence? Not only does political correctness run contrary to the teachings of the Bible, but it also runs contrary to human nature.

2. They have parlayed their deceptions into a socio-political empire complete with the propaganda which will never be allowed to be challenged in one of their forums. (college campuses, clinics, and virtually all forms of media) The lock is in.

3. The reason for their atheistic stance (or lack of stance) on issues of morality is because they fancy themselves scientists. True science is amoral and is objective. They are amoral and lack objectivity. To them we are just animals to be studied like the Nazi doctors of the death camps. It was not long ago that they performed ghoulish lobotomies on people almost at will right here, in the good old USA with no consequences for their actions. In spite of the dreadful outcome they continue to ply their hellish trade. Did you know that shock therapy is still being practiced in the psycho wards? The patients are not the psychos they are

The above is enough to prove that the established psycho network is fiendish and corrupt. Now, lets take a look at yet more tangible evidence of their corruption and their future agenda.

The following Newsweek cover should send a good fright through everyone. Here they are telling us that we may all be crazy. In the article the answer to our problems will be drugs (of course) to medicate us. To “save” us.

You won't be messed up with the Christian singles primer.

“God save me from those who are here to save me”

Did it strike you as it did me that their arrogance knows no bounds of decency? To strongly suggest that we are all crazy when they don’t even have a definition of what is normal is not only arrogant, but hypocritical. This is also very convenient that they don’t have a definition of what is considered normal, that way they can deem virtually any behavior abnormal. (crazy) Given their extreme bigotry toward Christianity I believe it is quite plausible they may begin labeling and perhaps drugging those of us who are politically incorrect when the political climate warrants. Articles like the one above set the stage for my assertions. The public has been pre-indoctrinated to the possibility that we just may all be crazy.

Far fetched? In a widely used high school health textbook published by Holt they lie to the children. The authors state “ Before the fall of the Soviet Union, those who opposed the ruling government were considered insane, and many political dissidents were sent to mental hospitals.” Not true. The dissidents were committed to hospitals after being labeled insane. The label was a political pretext and propaganda, not a true diagnosis. The authors of this book are either incompetent or they are propagandizing our children into thinking that anyone who is against government (oppressive as it may be) is insane. We are not crazy...they are! Just a reminder below to the out of this world psychologists, social engineers, and their propaganda promoters:

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