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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen

Before we resume I must warn you that the material ahead will be shocking. Some will believe, and others will not. Some times we believe by seeing and at others we see by believing. For the scoffers and skeptics out there - if you disagree with what follows you are encouraged to email us at the contact link above, bring forth your best arguments and contradict us if you can. Please, no name calling, but rational refutations only.

"Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend" Proverbs 27:17

(Christian personals service primer continued below)

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Surely you have been to the local stores lately and seen, if not read the popular magazine- SELF. Are you aware of what self magazine is about? You guessed it. It is all about self. Picture frame #1 shows just one issue cover and the main article in this issue was: “Ah, sweet mastery of life. You are in command.” (italics ours) The message here is plain- you are the master and commander of your life and there may be no others.

Before we begin tackling the answers to the questions put forward in the beginning of this "Christian personals service" primer we must lay a deeper foundation for understanding.

We must realize that most of our relational problems stem from the fact that we as a culture are obsessed with an unhealthy love of self. This translates to an unhealthy love of others.

Ours is the most selfish generation in the recorded history of mankind. Most everything we do is for convenience and vanity. The following are just a few examples; abortion, old folks homes, plastic surgery, lawsuits, drive thru Elvis weddings, and record debt- not just personal, but national as well. Did you notice that all of the examples cited above are newly sanctioned and unique to our generation? These items alone are evidence of supreme cultural selfishness. No other generation has had such extravagant tastes.

"The man who lives for self alone,

lives for the meanest mortal known." - Cinncinatus

Christian dating primer for singles.

The issue above plies a very common hedonistic message which feeds-self. 

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