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"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword..." Hebrews 4:12 

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The enforcers at the top in the NEA and government are no doubt of considerable intelligence, but devoid of principle. We are often taken in, “conned” by intellectuals because we do not suspect treachery, the average person does not think in such terms. The American people are in general very gracious in this regard. Who would believe that there are those working to undermine our children’s well being? 

Our first clue should have been when the educrats began dismantling phonics in our schools. English teacher Michael Brewster states in the Jan 17, 2005 edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal (hold on to your seats because they don't often admit it) "I don't know how phonics instruction was tossed in the trash..." This quote from an exasperated long time educator lamenting the fact that illiteracy is an epidemic in this country. The Christian personals service primer suggests that you begin teaching your children phonics early - the teachers sure won't.

Our illiteracy rate is now the highest in all of American history! And we are evolving, getting better? When I took German in college the first thing we learned was phonics, the sounds of the language. You must learn your ABC’s, take that away or blend it with whole word learning and you will rob the student, and have rampant illiteracy as we have today. Educators know this, yet they stick with the NEA party line which is evidently more important than the fact that they are destroying millions of young minds and futures.

The Eden Project - NEA socialist agenda.

Now observe the seal or the Department of Education. In the center of the seal we see a tree prominently displayed in front of a rising sun, with a seedling germinating below the ground. What can be the meaning of this? The people who design seals for their department don’t just throw meaningless items on for no reason. There was a reason that they chose these images and arranged them in the manner which they did.

In our inquiry let us begin by asking what the meaning of the tree is. How does a tree relate to education? It doesn’t seem to correlate, unless you go to the book of Genesis in the Bible and read about the “tree of knowledge”

In the story of Adam and Eve the Serpent (Satan) tempts Eve with the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Satan tells Eve that she shall be as God if she eats the fruit from the tree. Adam also ate of the fruit and the fall commenced.

We have a popular hedonistic phrase which we hear regularly; ”Knowledge is power” Or to put it another way; with knowledge you will be empowered. You shall be the master of your own destiny and fate. This demotes God and positions us as little de facto gods. This is rebellion against God’s authority. God says that he appoints the times and seasons and gives purpose to our lives. 

1st Corinthians 8:1 states:”…Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth”

The tree in the seal of the Department of Education is the tree of knowledge. The sunrise and sprout symbolize a new beginning. The overall message is that there will be a new knowledge revolution (rebellion) and instead of Adam and Eve taking a few bites from the tree of knowledge we on the other hand are taking giga-bytes. The majority of the World Wide Web is used for pornography, pedophiles, drug dealers, and con artists. Approximately 80% of our modern tree of knowledge is devoted to this. Anyone who has any in depth knowledge of the internet knows this. I have been scammed many times by companies and people I’ve never even heard of.

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