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Let us understand that their efforts are compartmentalized, for example; the teacher is not privy to all of the machinations behind Goals 2000, or other bureaucratic directives, but they must toe the established party line. Therefore this is not a grand conspiracy involving millions of teachers and administrators in a smoke filled room somewhere. This involves only a few people pushing this agenda at the highest levels.

Since our children are the only future we have, it appears the future belongs to the psycho-globalists. We have funded our own demise. Incidentally, did you notice the three six’s in the Goals 2000 logo? What is the message here? Could this just be a coincidence? We will see another glaring coincidence ahead.

I don’t want to dwell too long on the subject of subliminal messages being put out by the globalists, but I need to impress upon you the great scope of their demonic plan. My hope is that through information we may inoculate ourselves and our children against this global pandemic.

Since this Christian personals service primer is about building loving relationships I will try to keep this segment as brief as possible. Please consider these points ahead, as they are of the utmost importance. What you don’t know can, and will hurt you. This is spiritual dynamite we are playing with.

Below is a logo of the World Future Society-United Nations. You will find this logo in virtually any book store, just go to the magazine section and find the ‘Futurist’ magazine and open it. These logos are plastered all throughout the pages.

The Eden Project - 666 logos

Do you see the three sixes? Are they trying to tell us that the future is 666 ? These people are mad. They are drunk with power and self. They want to be in control in the future and not God. The problem is that they love themselves so much that their lust for global power and control will never satisfy them. The world is not enough, they will require your very soul, and even that will not satisfy. More on this (as it relates to you and me) in chapter two. There are hundreds of examples such as this one above which I have found over the past few years, many of them even more brazen and shocking than these last few. We will see a few more ahead for the purpose of knowing that we are being communicated with by those who plan to control us.

This is not meant to frighten the reader, but to inform. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed” You cannot get out of her (the world system) unless you are aware of the degree of control she has over you.

Yes, you are still at the Christian personals site taking the power primer. I wish most of all to impress upon you, the seriousness of the evil which works to destroy all. Loving relationships included. If they can tear down the family, then most of the battle is won. The children will belong to them. 

What we have seen are the extremes of evil, they are totally given over to a powerful narcissism unfathomable by most people. They can never love you or anyone else just as Adolf Hitler never loved the German people. Both he and they are destroyers. Don’t be deceived by their words of peace and love. There may be peace on their lips, but there is war in their hearts.

In Daniel 8:25 we read the prophecy of anti-Christ in the end times:” …and he shall magnify himself in his own heart, (love himself greatly) and by peace shall destroy many…” In this passage we see that the coming anti-Christ will love himself. Did you notice that the passage tells us that he will destroy many by peace? What do we call the United Nations soldiers? Peace keepers! What is the mission of the United Nations? Peace. There is no peace and there will be no peace! It is imperative that we break all ties with the false purveyors of peace and self love. They are headed in the wrong direction. The rest of the verse tells of his (the anti-Christ) and his followers demise:”…he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; (Jesus Christ) but he shall be broken without hand” Whose side will you be on?

Christian dating service - primer.

United Nations flag

Note the olive branches symbolizing “peace” positioned around the globe.

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