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How to write a dynamite personal ad

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How to write a dynamite personal ad cont.

How you write your ad will make the difference between-

This -      and this - 

As we have just seen it's not what you say about yourself and your desires that will tell her about you. The ad composition itself will spell out who you are. Better to put your best literary foot forward to make a positive statement about just exactly who you are. It's easy if you follow our dynamite Christian personals ad primer ahead. 

At this point it is once again necessary for us to separate the men folk from the women folk. The ad techniques are different for both genders. Men are not especially looking for funny or good listeners, whereas most women are. (Generally speaking of course)

One last point for both men and women before we part company. If you have a handle or a nickname use it! This adds color as long as it's in good taste.

To continue-


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