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How to write a dynamite personal ad

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How to write a dynamite Christian personal ad cont.

Welcome Men

Don't strike out, Keep your eye on the ball with the Christian personals primer.

Let's begin by discussing structure. Structure will give a logical flow to your audience (The ladies). There is nothing worse than a scatter-brained personal that is too busy, it really turns women off.

1. First things first, let's begin with the picture. Women are not visually stimulated in the way men are, so seductive is not the key. You must be well groomed and approachable. Look into the camera. Looking away will make you seem aloof. Use inviting body language. Smile, and bear your neck dimple. (Where the collar bone meets the neck) Military uniforms and business suits (ties) cover this area for a reason. We cover this vulnerable area so as not to portray vulnerability. In your personal ad you want vulnerability. Remember you are targeting women.  For a more in depth overview of inviting body language see the section on body language in the Christian personals primer on the site map. 

2. Salutations - According to Parade magazine a simple Hi! is a great opener. no one expects you to open with complicated greetings. This is just the ice breaker. (See primer section on the five levels of communication)

3. Personal introduction - Give your name and or nickname if you wish.

4. Biographical information - Start out with an opener which will grab her attention and reach into her heart. Appeal to her emotionally. Women are emotionally centered. Make her have to read your ad! After this stage give her just the facts. This directness shows strength and confidence. Both are qualities which women need. These qualities trump all others. (See primer)

Be honest and avoid the heartbreak of separation caused by dishonesty. Maybe she would rather have a plumber than the CEO of Microsoft after all! Let her know your faith. Women love conviction in a man. 

This is your bio, so include what you wish. Items usually mentioned are; age, occupation, marriage history and children, race, place of birth, where you live, favorite foods, entertainment preferences, hobbies, music tastes, and education.

Finally, give them some tangible asset about yourself to make her want you. No boasting. Put it in such a way that you do not seem arrogant. Put it something like - I've been told that I have a great sense of humor or that I'm a great cook. 

5. Your desires. Now that you have told them you know who you are, tell them you know what you want. Do you want a down to earth gal? Say so. The divas will be repelled and the woman who appreciates it most will answer your call. Be descriptive and to the point!

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