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How to write a dynamite personal ad

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Christian  personal ad primer cont.

6. Conclusion - Now that you have told him who you are and what you want, paint a picture of what your lives might be like together. Something romantically appealing works wonders. Woo him. Be careful in your invitation not to use negative or conditional words like - if you are the one. Instead of this use - you are the one I would love to warm up by the fire with. He will know when you are speaking to him, if he is the one. Use these final words to make him feel like a kindred soul. 

Once your ad is structured coherently we must now ensure that the following elements have been included. 

1. Salutation - Short, polite. Hi! or Howdy, whatever best suits who you are. 

2. Descriptive adjectives - Positive and powerful superlatives which will enhance his imagery experience and build curiosity. Let your zest for life and love infect him through your description. This is all he has to go by at this point. 

3. Spelling and grammar - Look intelligent, educated, and thoughtful.! Consult a spell check or dictionary and correct errors. We are not all English professors, perhaps you have a trusted friend who will help you formulate a correct and appealing ad. If you can do it all on your own then it is usually a good idea to have someone critique your writing. 

4. Warm text - Use key words that stimulate emotion. Words such as fun, romance, love, happiness, and feel give a warmth to your writing and will give him a positive reading experience. Again, this will give him a little insight as to what life with you might be like. 

5. Courtesy - Don't use harsh language or slang. You will want to come across in a Christian personals forum as polite. Let your faith speak in the gentile tone of your words. Remember you are appealing to Christian men. 

Even if your audience were going to be bikers,  manners are still safe and appreciated. We realize that there is a trend of extremism out there that feels the need to shock. This is even more prevalent online than in public since there is no authority to keep people like that in check. He will appreciate you even more for being a lady online. We stress this point which to most just seems like common sense because this is what gets the best results. 

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