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How to write a dynamite personal ad

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Christian personals dynamite ad primer cont.

6. Use coherent text - Tell your story and what you are seeking. Go logically from point a to point b in a manner that flows and is not choppy. Don't jump around. A clear and well structured personal ad will speak volumes about your intellect and your ability to structure your own personal life. 

7. Spur him to action - At the end of your ad be sure to urge them to reply now. You don't want them to put it off for a second! The longer we wait without acting the less chance we will ever act. feelings are fleeting, we must get them to act while the feeling is still in the present. Be careful not to seem pushy or bossy. Make it a suggestion. Say something like - Why not email me now and seize the day with me? I'll be right here waiting for you !

Writing a dynamic and dynamite personal ad will require some creative effort. Follow the steps outlined above and you will outshine 95 % of the competition. 

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